Meet The Team at Rivervale Podiatry

Kevin Widjaja

Podiatrist at Rivervale, Harvest Lakes, Atwell & Piara Waters Podiatry

podiatrist in rivervale

Kevin is an experienced and skilled Podiatrist who completed his degree at the University of Western Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. He has been working solely in private practices for five years and has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the clinic helping relieve peoples foot pain.

Kevin has a special interest in treating common foot and leg pain conditions such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, muscle pain and nerve/neuroma pain. He does this through the use of foot mobilisation, dry needling and custom orthotic therapy, along with a range of other treatments. Kevin has worked closely with several orthotic laboratories enabling him to gain experience by providing the optimum treatment for each patient.

Kevin likes to use a hands-on approach to work together to achieve every patient’s goals, whether the goal is to work pain-free or to run a marathon. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys participating in several sports including soccer and badminton.

Kira Critchley

Podiatrist at Rivervale and Cambridge Podiatry

podiatrist in rivervale

Kira is a friendly and experienced podiatrist having worked in private practice for over 5 years. Kira’s area of expertise is the diagnosis and treatment of nail and skin conditions including problematic ingrown nails, thickened nails, fungal nails, corns and warts, as well providing regular routine nail and skincare to those hard to reach feet. Another large portion of Kira’s work is preventing the foot complications associated with diabetes, where her ability to provide thorough diabetic foot screening and early intervention is vital. Furthermore, Kira is well versed in the treatment of biomechanical conditions causing heel, bunion and forefoot pain with both custom orthotic therapy and footwear correction.

Grace Wan

Podiatrist at Rivervale, Carlisle, Carousel & George St Podiatry

Receptionist in rivervale

Grace graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and she previously completed a Bachelor of Science specializing in Biomedical Science from the same university.
Having completed clinical placements in private practices and public hospitals in Perth and Singapore, Grace has been exposed to a variety of situations and has gained valuable experience.

She has a keen interest in all aspects of podiatry, especially the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and the management of patients with chronic comorbidities such as diabetes.
Grace would love to assist you with any podiatric needs and will strive to help you achieve your treatment goals.

David Handojo

Podiatrist at Rivervale, Thornlie & Carousel Podiatry

Podiatrist in rivervale

Having recently graduated from UWA with his Doctor of podiatric medicine in Western Australia, David brings a fresh perspective to looking after our patients’ foot and lower limb wellbeing. During his studies, David accrued experience by working in both hospitals and private clinics. This training was completed in a multidisciplinary team setting. Whilst David is passionate about all aspects of podiatry, his interests predominantly lie in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, biomechanics and management of diabetic feet. He looks forward to meeting you and helping you with improving your overall foot health and wellbeing.

Anna Hunt


Receptionist in rivervale

Anna is one of our friendly receptionists here at Rivervale Podiatry, who will greet you as you enter our clinic, and always be ready to answer any questions you may have. She loves a good chat with both new, and existing clients, to get an insight at what our client’s lives are like, whether it be from years ago or your daily activities. Anna loves that she works in a vibrant Podiatry clinic with over a handful of amazing and skill full podiatrists that are always able to provide you with extra information and quality care. She loves to see the positive impact that Podiatry contributes to each patient’s life, to improve their health outcomes, to be pain-free and to be active again.

Sarah Walker 


Sarah is our other friendly receptionist here at Rivervale. She loves being part of a caring and qualified team who strives to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.  Sarah enjoys working alongside our experienced podiatrists to ensure a positive outcome for every patient, improving health and helping them become pain-free.