Plantar Fasciitis – Arch Pain – Heel Pain Treatment

Do you wake up in the morning with pain in your heels, that feels a like a stone bruise?  Chances are you have a heel spur (also known as plantar fasciitis). 

 heel pain in rivervale

 When we have stretching of the tight band that holds together the arch of the foot (the plantar fascia), then it becomes tight.  This band cannot stretch like a muscle does, so it just gets pulled tight and becomes sore.  It will pull so much that it ends up stretching the outer lining of the bone, resulting in the formation of a spur.  This can be sometimes crippling and very painful. 

Podiatrists can diagnose plantar fasciitis and assist you with multiple treatment options such as dry needling, exercises and orthotics to address flat feet and any other biomechanical problems. Treatment may also include taping of the feet, footwear advice, stretching and deep tissue massage.

We are able to help you get fast relief from your arch or heel pain. Call Rivervale Podiatry today!