Meet The Team at Rivervale Podiatry

Kevin Widjaja

Podiatrist at Rivervale and Carlisle

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Kevin is an experienced and skilled Podiatrist who completed his degree at the University of Western Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. He has been working solely in private practices for five years and has thoroughly enjoyed his time in clinic helping relieve peoples foot pain.

Kevin has special interest in treating common foot and leg pain conditions such as: Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, muscle pain and nerve/neuroma pain. He does this through the use of foot mobilisation, dry needling and custom orthotic therapy, along with a range of other treatments. Kevin has worked closely with several orthotic laboratories enabling him to gain experience by providing the optimum treatment for each patient.

Kevin likes to use a hands on approach to work together to achieve every patient’s goals, whether the goal is to work pain free or to run a marathon. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys participating in several sports including soccer and badminton.

Kira Dunstall

Podiatrist at Rivervale and Carlisle

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Kira completed her podiatry training at the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor in Podiatric Medicine.

She has had vast experience in the tretament of general nail care, problematic ingrown nails, diabetic foot care, as well as biomechanical problems and acute and stress related injuries.

Having over 5 years experience working with athletic and casual footwear, Kira is also particularly keen on the importance of footwear in correction of common podiatry conditions.

Jugat Kaur

Podiatrist at Rivervale

podiatrist in rivervale

Jugat completed her degree in Podiatric Medicine at the UWA in Perth.

Jugat has a large range of skills and experiences in many areas of Podiatry including; the treatment of ingrown nails, problematic nails including fungal infections, corns and calluses, warts and foot and ankle pain. Jugat’s interests lie in biomechanics and sporting injuries. Jugat provides comprehensive Diabetic foot assessments and arthritic conditions, as she loves fixing feet.